Friday, April 28, 2006

Those poor gor gor jie jies...

Avril Jie Jie say that these 2 people are so 伟大. I dunno what she meant, but having to care for 44 stray gor gor and jie jies, I guess they must be very nice people.
I've been living a sheltered life since the day I am borned, so I dunno how it is like for these gor gor jie jies. Avril Jie Jie says that they must be very happy to be living together like a family with 2 good people to look after them. But the thing is that they may soon be sent away or having to go hungry soon cos they have no money. So sad....
Cai cai is willing to part with my treats to them if it helps. Avril Jie Jie, you say leh??

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I become more 听话

*Smirk* Jie Jie just praised me to bits cos I chose to listen to her.
Earlier on, I attempted to jump onto the bed to eat my dried meat. She caught me in the act and commanded "Down".
I'm in a happy mood ma, so I obeyed lor. Wah... She was so darn happy lor.

Doggie Day Care
Jie Jie intends to throw me there should there be no one to take care of me while she goes on holidays! *humpf*

Friday, April 21, 2006

It works!

Okay, my complain works! Jie Jie took me for my morning walk today. Kehehehehe....
It's great to have a medium to voice your displeasure!!!

Yipee ya ya yipee yipee ya
Yipee ya ya yipee yipee ya
Yipee ya ya yipee yipee ya
ya yipee yipee ya ya
Yipee yipee ya

She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes... WOOF WOOF~~!

Oppz... Got too carried away...
Anyway Jie Jie shared this piece of so called doggie horoscope with me.

Furkids borned in the Year of the Rooster (1993, 2005) <-------- ME Devoted beyond their capabilities, these dogs are deeply disappointed if they fail, so training should rely on positive reinforcement. (Yah I 吃软不吃硬)

They bond with one or two others, rather than a wide circle of friends. (Muahahahah so many friends for what? Just give me my bobo, fifi and happy can le)

They are usually right, always interesting, and very brave. (That's me! I jumped down the tall grooming table at the age of 3 months shocking everyone. U say brave anot la?)

They love starting controversies, and are reluctant to change their course of action. (I love to give jie jie a sense of emergency by popping stupid antics at times and confirm I is Stubborn)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jie Jie is lazy~~!

I wanna complain!!!

Jie Jie promised to take me out for my morning walks and she failed me today!!! I want my soccer court. *hops up and down the sofa chair

She scrambled out of bed this morn and started busying herself while I sat on her bed watching her mad frenzy. Gave her the most uber cutie pie expression and waited anticipatingly for my walk.

Who knows she finally came up to me and muttered "Sorry little dearie, Jie jie's late for work le, I'll make it up to you k. Be a good boy at home and dun make auntie angry" and smacked a long long kiss on my forehead before exiting the door in a flash.
WOOF! What's this!!! *whine...*

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Important Info

Jie Jie says it's best that I note down these information should I spot some of my lost/found peers on the streets. She rather I tell them to find these places instead of the SPCA. No doubt that I would love to give them a temp shelter at home, auntie will kill me first.

Dog Rescue Shelter
Pasir Ris Farmway, along the same side as Ericsson Pet Farm

Animal Lovers League
Pet Villa
61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3,
Singapore 518232
(around a bend from Farmway 2), beside Pet Movers itself
Email: (ALL's official secretary)

Action for Singapore Dogs
Phone: 92590698 (Upon the beep, press '*' followed by your number, then '**')

Mutts and Mittens
11 pasir Ris Farmway 2, opps Per Hotel,

Shelter for Singapore Special??
SSS is located in Pasir Ris Farmway rented from Ericsson

Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Day Jie Jie

Happy Hatchday Jie Jie!!! Muack Muack Muackz~~~!

I woke you up with my usual kiss and smile this morning.
I glowered in the sun when you took me for my morning run.
I ran wild in the indoor soccer court when you allowed me to.
I rushed to the door to greet you the moment you came home this evening.
I summoned all my strength to give you the warmest WOOF.
I remembered to give you an extra kiss as you stepped in.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Earning for my treats

Jie Jie says that I ought to earn for my treats...

Monday, April 10, 2006

My Growing Up Years Part II

Jie Jie says I look like a teddy bear here.

They asked me to pose for the camera but I was eyeing that cake all along... Have to forgive a 2 month old baby for wanting food right.

See the evil lady... She shows me my mum mum yet dun wanna give me.

So I tried desperately to reach for it.

Whenever I do this, I get my mum mum. So that must be it. I wonder why the rest keep laughing at my legs. They kept going "So cute...."

Up Up 抬起头 Up Up 别害羞

Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Growing Up Years Part I

Jie jie keeps telling me that I'm a devil in disguise. Just cos I love to shred papers at such a tender age?

I really hate it everytime they put me in my pen. I want to be out running! Giving my most forlorn look din help.

Small jie jie I want out of this pen! =P

Small jie jie: Cai give me your paw paw and I shall consider bringing you out.

Uncle has this fetish of always shooting me in weird scenarios. He even created a classified for me.

Small jie jie loves this shot of me most! She says I look such an angel here.

My Second day at home

Jie jie says I slept like a pig most of the time. Well, I cant deny cos pictures tell it all.
I'm a baby ma so ultimately I needed that wor...

See me cuddling up on jie's legs.
Small jie jie sacrificed her favourite Tiger for me to hug to sleep.. She's very nice.

Me sleeping with buddy buddy.

It feels really weird with that thing around my neck. What's its purpose?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Food, the motivator

Blinky and Tiger got videos? So wat... I got alot too just that my jie jie is too lazy to edit and upload them for me. Yah la... I'm jealous can. WooF!
Anyway, they are just too lazy or fat to jump up the bed to get their treat. I will do anything for FOOD! I sit, stand, up, down, roll, stay, feign death and gong xi whatever you ask of me to get that nice juicy honeydew. Jump up the bed is too easy la! If I was there, they wouldn't even get a single share. =P

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm making slow progresses

Elvis is doing great with the Bach Flower Remedy I heard. Crapz~~! On one hand, Jie jie seemed to be elated over the news but fretting over my progress now. Just that day, she gave me that "concerned" look and said "Cai cai ah.. Why are you still as naughty and aggressive ah. You are sure a stubborn one leh."

Hey! How silly can humans be *roll my eyes*. You expect that few drops of remedy to turn me into someone else??? Oh please... I've got character k. I admit that I enjoy behaving like a spoilt brat most of the times and take advantages of gor gor jie jies' weaknesses for my cute antics. I'm still afterall very affectionate to them what. WOOF! *Do a few quick turns*

Just that day, jie jie took off to buy another 2 more bottles of Bach for me!!!! She's sure one kiasu lady. So now, I am getting 4 drops altogether every morning and evening. I overheard her telling auntie that I'm taking Beech, Mimulus, Vine and Water Violet. Hm.. perhaps I should pretend to behave in case she starts getting more of such stuff for me.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

New bed

I was forced to wear this ugly darn thing over me. Hard to lick my itchy area you know! But thankfully, I'm so grateful that I get a bed that I can call my own at last. Finally I dun have to squeeze with jie jie on her bed. So I spent the entire night and the next morning on my soft and comfy pillow. And I think jie jie on what the humans called the aircon. I dun feel hot at all!