Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Doggie's saviour needed

As we continue in our day-to-day 'operations' in animal welfare, we have only been blessed to build more, if not stronger, relations with the disparate caregivers, fosterers, boarders and strayfeeders all over the island, and learn from our interactions with them, samaritans in their very own right, how important a cohesive network of animal activists, supporters and volunteers, driven by the same motivations, the same passions to achieve the same objectives, is.

To improve the lives of the animals -- street, footloose, industrial, agricultural, domestic or whatever else.

In a context where we lack a macro form of support such as that from national animal welfare organisation or, quite simply, the government, our 'silent' caregivers hinge upon mutual support to make a difference to the lives of, especially, our stray animals; to make sure, in their very best, that our animals are granted some form of decency -- water to drink, food for nourishment, medication for the injured -- in places where most public would not take a second glance at or consider, even for a fraction of a moment, WHO are those who rely on the wilderness, the bushes, the space beneath some random truck to sleep and claim space for their own abode.

Today, we received a call from an existing strayfeeder who'll be away from Singapore for one year, who seeks another (reliable, confident) caregiver who can take his place, for this one year, and one who is confident of this role, committed and consistent in this potential work.

Here are the details:


To feed about 12 stray dogs at a spot in Sembawang every morning consistently for one year, from mid-May 2007 to mid-May 2008. Feeding materials include meshed kibbles, canfood and rice, and water which will be rendered in small pails. Feeding materials will be supplied time to time by this existing strayfeeder, or, into the time that he will be absent, by his friend.

Existing strayfeeder will remain contactable. Replacing strayfeeder will be able to contact his friend, in times of emergency.

From now until his departure, he will orientate replacing strayfeeder and guide him/her along with the job. Work estimated to be half to one hour each morning. Strayfeeder expected to clear newspapers or surrounding litter, to ensure responsible feeding.

The 12 dogs are made up of two to three independent packs, mostly adult dogs. Dogs are of the wary sort but with a proper handover/orientation, it will be fine.

All we need now is someone who is able to commit to the time in feeding, the effort in the food preparation, and someone equipped with his/her own transport. Someone willing to take two hours of his/her time everyday, for this very worthy cause.

A guaranteed salary will be provided.

If you know of anyone who might be keen to take on this 'challenge', a challenge that will perhaps open one's life to wider, unique experiences of animal welfare work, kindly contact: or 9026-2733. More details will be provided.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Animal Lovers League

The 2nd time jie jie visited the place, she actually walked in without fear into so many of my big peers! Fearing for her safety, ah cai was freaking out at the other side of the fence. At the same time cai cai felt so impressed!

Anyway, the most annoying thing was that she took along with her so many packets of cai's treats from Bangkok k! You see how those big things jump at her in excitement. Many a times she almost fell over cos they could reach her shoulders lor! To think that she was still so happy feeding them. *humpf!* My treats leh!

The 3rd visit, cai cai cannot be bothered about her anymore. I enjoyed with min min jie jie at the dog run instead. This time she made cai cai give up more kibbles and treats. Nairmind.... She better make up to me by buying more of my favourite ba kua and bringing me out more often to the dog run.