Friday, December 18, 2009

Back to school?

Mummy is considering whether to throw me back into my K9 school. Afterall, I have 4 more un-used lessons.

Seriously, I hate that place. There are so many of them, especially the big ones. They instill fear in me. I seek more comfort with my friends at home.


Moreover, I promised Jie Jie in Beijing that I will be their safe keeper till she returns.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A cry for help

Taken from a doggie forum (Sad.. Reminds me of those few I tried saving before...):

---- Copy from forum ----
Please help this dog....He need your generous donation...He's only a 4-5 months pup....please help to spread the words and post in your blogs. Many thanks!

Dear all,

A kind lady Ms Cindy Lam manage to catch hold of this dog found in Kim Chuan Lane.
He needs immediate medication and blood transfusion in order to survive...pls help to donate.

Contact :
97544948 or

Name of Dog ; Nov
The animal Doctors Pte Ltd
Blk 108, Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 St 11
#01-96 S(560108)
Tel: 64514531

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lost Dog

Mummy says my eyes spoil already. This morning they gave her another shock with both eyes fully covered with yellow mucus.

In fact, I kinda love it when she helps me remove them... I like to eat my eye shit...!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My eyes have been irritating me alot these days. Mummy says there is alot of yellowish liquid build up around my eye. So sian... I cant open my eye properly even when mummy keeps trying to clean them off. Dunno why but I just had to keep tearing.... Mummy's fault...

Dr Kenneth Tong cut a hole in me days ago to remove my lump. Seriously speaking I totally hate that place. Now I'm getting 2 red patches near my incision cut that's making me so itchy and yet I cannot lick it.
Thank goodness mummy's at home with me today. She finally allowed me to be off my ecollar cos I was trying so hard to get it off myself. But I can't run away from her watchful eyes. She will hollow at me the moment I try to lick any parts.

Avril: Seriously I'm getting abit worried about that 2 patches cos they look like they are swelling. It's been there after his surgery and ointment given to be applied don't seem to help.

Monday, February 02, 2009


Mummy woke up today exceptionally nice to Cai Cai.
She planted a real long kiss on my muzzle and started singing to Cai Cai.
"Happy Barkday to you, Happy Barkday to you, Happy Barkday to Cai Cai, Happy Barkday to you!"
Though I don't understand it, but it excites me whenever mummy claps her hands and sing. Gave her super slurps from my smelly molly mouth.

I am so happy cos mummy gave Cai Cai a red packet and a new big packet of Marukan all to myself. I'm so gonna hide that away from the itchy nose of Daz Daz. Don't quite appreciate the red packet though. I mean, what use can anything be if it isn't edible???

The annoying part is that I was forced to take pictures with Daz Daz before I could keep my gifts.

Checking out my gifts:
Mummy says I'm always camera ready!
I think I can be a 代言人!
Being forced to take pictures with Daz and he is more of a trouble than help. He keeps moving! Never take pictures before issit!
See la... Cannot sit still. Tried to put his big head into the camera. Wanna snatch my shot!
1 out of dunno how many spoiled shots. Waste my time.
Cannot tahan anymore... Mummy can I go?? Cai Cai quietly shifts away.....

Friday, January 02, 2009

Mommy's workplace

Yeah! Mummy brought cai cai to work again and I get day off without little bro Daz Daz. He's been bullying me at home when mom's at work.

Now I get to laze in air conditioned comfort. Shall show you my pictures when mom uploads them for me! =D