Sunday, June 25, 2006

Help these poor things...

Now that Avril has shared her side of her view. It's cai cai's turn to show you another clip. These gor gor jie jies are so beautiful and yet people wanna kill them? Cai cai's perplex. In fact cai cai thinks he's actually much more fierce when he wanna be lor. Of cos I will get it from Avril if I do so. Can someone tell cai cai why my species get such treatment when all we know is to love regardless of skin, age, race, religion, treatment.....

Monday, June 19, 2006

New Transport Mode

Wee... Auntie's getting a car car!!!! That's great news wor! Jie Jie been telling me so much of where she can drive cai cai to and places that are so unreachable by public transport. Aiyo... The way they always describe of those dog runs, cai cai really cant wait to go de... So far cai cai has only been WCDR once lor.. How pathetic right. Jie Jie always have to make me sit in one of those hot hot bags just to take me to faraway places. She also complain loads of how heavy cai cai can be. Me only 5.2kg what.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lucky or what

Today cai cai has got 3 visitors. As you know cai cai is very defensive of his house, so cai cai barked at them all when they first arrived. =P K la... at least I warmed up to them soon.
Actually they are gor gor friends and they came to play the so called majong. Dun like this majong thing la. Make such a din and plus cai cai get less attention. Anyway, cai cai overheard gor gor telling jie jie that cai cai helped him win the last round. 9 tais or something like dat. Sounds like a big deal to them wor. Anyway, jie jie says I bring her luck at the majong table too when she last played. Of cos la! Cai cai is a lucky star wat!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Bruno's passing on...

I guess Avril Jie Jie must have been crying over this ... She's been following the thread for Bruno for a while.

At his cremation ceremony...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cai's new faves

Finally Jie Jie's back from Hong Kong. Aw man.. That stupid gal... Didn't she know that cai cai was waiting for her return every night. *whine* Gor Gor says I look so forlorn... I miss Jie Jie ma.. Cai cai wanna go out for his walks too..

Anyway, Jie Jie did return with a gift for cai cai. TADA! Presenting Cai Cai's new bed! Kehehehe.. Quite comfy and just the right size!

Well well.. Cai cai has got something else to show off.... muahahaha My new Rip'ems toy!

I know its nothing special yah, but take a look at this! It can be ripped apart. Now how cool is that! =)