Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lucky or what

Today cai cai has got 3 visitors. As you know cai cai is very defensive of his house, so cai cai barked at them all when they first arrived. =P K la... at least I warmed up to them soon.
Actually they are gor gor friends and they came to play the so called majong. Dun like this majong thing la. Make such a din and plus cai cai get less attention. Anyway, cai cai overheard gor gor telling jie jie that cai cai helped him win the last round. 9 tais or something like dat. Sounds like a big deal to them wor. Anyway, jie jie says I bring her luck at the majong table too when she last played. Of cos la! Cai cai is a lucky star wat!


Bond said...

Cai ah .... errr ... can my owner borrow you next time they play mahjong also?? ... they need MORE luck .... hehehe

cai cai said...

Woof! Well.. If you bribe me with treats yeah. Kehehehe

Anonymous said...

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