Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cai's new faves

Finally Jie Jie's back from Hong Kong. Aw man.. That stupid gal... Didn't she know that cai cai was waiting for her return every night. *whine* Gor Gor says I look so forlorn... I miss Jie Jie ma.. Cai cai wanna go out for his walks too..

Anyway, Jie Jie did return with a gift for cai cai. TADA! Presenting Cai Cai's new bed! Kehehehe.. Quite comfy and just the right size!

Well well.. Cai cai has got something else to show off.... muahahaha My new Rip'ems toy!

I know its nothing special yah, but take a look at this! It can be ripped apart. Now how cool is that! =)

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