Thursday, May 25, 2006

The long affair

Everyday (since dunno when) without fail, jie jie is tormenting me. She's making me go through this torturous routine every evening.

Firstly, she would wheel out this huge table into the living room and drop me onto it. Then out appears a big bowl of ice water! Slurpz! Cai's favourite is iced-water lor.

But hell!!!!

Jie jie's not letting me have it at all! Instead, she uses a cloth soaked inside to wipe cai cai's paws! Sometimes it stings and sometimes the coldness really gets to me. I wonder why she's been at this for a week.

Then comes the part where she will apply some nice smelling cream on cai cai's paws. I feel so very much like licking them. But she's always scolding me when I do so. So I try to hide away to lick me paws.

Next will be the usual combing, teeth brushing, ear cleaning at times.. blah blah blah.
All these tasks just takes so much of my play and sleep time away lor. Cai Cai wants to go out more instead. But Jie Jie keep telling me cos of the rain and plus cai cai's injured paws, I cant go down to the grass. SIANZ 1/2

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