Friday, May 05, 2006

Jie jie took cai cai to the vet yesterday. A different one we usually go but cai is scared as usual. The nurses jie jies made me take my weight. Cai cai's now standing at 5.2 kg oh! =P
Jie jie very lor so... keep asking this asking that. She din see cai cai is already shaking with fear and still wanna continue staying for so long. And she allowed the doctor to bring me into the back room!!!! They molested me k and poke my asshole. No matter how cai cai tried to defend himself, cai cai still kena poked at. And they put a super big e-collar on me too!!! Cai is so terrified cos he hates that thing.

Vet gave jie jie so much things. My medicine, some notes and a whole to do list. No wonder jie jie looked so sad while we waited for a taxi. Cai also sian ma.

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