Wednesday, November 22, 2006


It hurts when you are wronged. I bet jie jie feels that way too. Cai cai do agree in a certain extend that my nerves got over me and I over reacted in a situation. Am glad jie jie understands me and see that my 出发点 is good.

Anyway, jie jie is deciding to send cai cai to obedience school for some behavioural correction. Man.... is it that serious? I'm not sure how this school thing works. If you have been following cai's dlog, you will read that cai cai has got this thing called fear aggression or cai cai tend to get nervous easily.

Okay, this was what happened. The other day, jie jie brought cai cai over to a chalet and cai cai got along well with the kids. I really love them especially little Ray. Thus cai cai took it in my stride to watch over them, especially little Ray. Then this strange big man came over and played along while carrying Ray. Cai cai can smell unfriendly people. He knows this big man must be one of that kind, so cai cai was exceptionally suspicious and wary of him. And suddenly, this unfriendly man made a movement to hit little Ray. Cai had no time to think at all, I started to bark and growl at him fiercely while showing my perfect white teeth.

It was not cai cai's fault that my teeth looked scary or that his arm brushed against them in a wild attempt to fend me off. I is mad! How dare he try to hit baby Ray! ROAARR!!! Well, I really dun understand humans at this point. Jie jie tried to stop me from barking at this horrid guy when he is up to no good. And he started to yell that I bit him! Excuse me??? Jie jie was sure that there wasn't any teeth mark and he started accusing me of trying to attack little Ray??? Man... cai cai felt so injusticed at that point man.

While jie jie chastised me for being so reckless and overly suspicious, I can tell that she was defending for me at the same time. I is confused. Is this behaviour wrong? In jie jie's opinion, I reacted wrongly to a situation which didnt derive from being a bad boy. Aiya... I just hope school is fun for now. Am keeping my fingers crossed.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Ma Li Mo

I wanna tell jie jie that cai loves her and family before my time comes!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Pet Movers & ALL

Cai finally visited Pet Movers! I saw the swimming drainage!!!! I must say I is a scardy cat.... I approach everything with my tail hung down. Am glad jie jie din decide to throw me into that pool. Would have wished that jie jie let me stay in the open field longer but she was much more busy giving away cai's kibbles to the next door neighbours.

Though Aunt Anita was a very nice lady, Cai must admit that cai got pretty annoyed that jie jie kept talking to her cos the rest were having fun still at the run. And boy did cai did voice it out vocally. With that killer look in her eyes, jie warned me that she will not take me there anymore should I behave in that not socially accepted behaviour. *whin... Cai is but a spoiled brat ma... I'm just behaving the way I'm supposed to be.

I hope the next time, jie jie will just let me go in the run while she help the neighbours if she likes. Cai is more than abled to take care of himself. But the rules in the run states that dog owners have to be there to supervise. Man... so many rules...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Jie jie mentioned to cai cai before that she wonders how cai's real parents are like. Sad to say.... Cai cai cannot recall how mama looks like le. She's worried that I'm a product of a puppy mill after reading horrid articles written on petshop puppies.

I remembered the time I was alone and afraid in that petshop. I saw mei mei got adopted by a middle age couple. I wonder how she's doing now cos according to jie jie that couple seemed to be buying her on impulse and not informed about taking care of one. In fact, jie jie's initial intention was to buy mei mei but that couple was one step ahead. I did not get to kiss mei mei, but am grateful that jie jie helped me stroke and hug, whispering to mei mei to be xing fu one last time before she left for a new life. After they left, jie jie started to decide if she should get cai cai. She has long saw cai cai's antics through that petshop window. Cai cai was a playful pup (still is now) that was practically chewing up the toys that were presented to him but when taken out for viewing, he gets into a shivering fit.

To jie jie, cai cai was then a ke lian orphan with no papa mama when he was alone in the small coop up pet shop cage. These days, jie jie will craddle me in her arms and tell cai how fortunate that she has me and that I'm is no longer an orphan cos I've got her as well. She will be my mama and I will never be alone again. Ow Jie jie...

Extra to spare

Cai cai has got 2 packs of kibbles ready to donate. I just dunno how to go about. One is a premium brand Blue which jie jie has already stopped for me and another that's gonna be dued next month. Jie jie is helping cai cai think of ways to make full use of them.

One will be to go around feeding strays around our area but jie jie has yet to embark on that before so she's feeling blur and asking around how to go about. Aiyo... humans sometimes just complicate things. Want to feed just feed la. Just dun ask cai cai to go with her can le. Cai cai is bad with big gloomy peers.

Been trying to suggest to her that those packs can be given away to shelters too. Cai cai has heard of wonderful stories of private pools and dog runs that are also located near those shelters. Kill 2 birds with one stone la jie jie. Donate thoes packs then proceed to take me out to play lor.