Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Extra to spare

Cai cai has got 2 packs of kibbles ready to donate. I just dunno how to go about. One is a premium brand Blue which jie jie has already stopped for me and another that's gonna be dued next month. Jie jie is helping cai cai think of ways to make full use of them.

One will be to go around feeding strays around our area but jie jie has yet to embark on that before so she's feeling blur and asking around how to go about. Aiyo... humans sometimes just complicate things. Want to feed just feed la. Just dun ask cai cai to go with her can le. Cai cai is bad with big gloomy peers.

Been trying to suggest to her that those packs can be given away to shelters too. Cai cai has heard of wonderful stories of private pools and dog runs that are also located near those shelters. Kill 2 birds with one stone la jie jie. Donate thoes packs then proceed to take me out to play lor.

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