Monday, August 28, 2006

Pretty baby

Uncle's new addition to the family, an Olympus Digi SLR. As usual, mummy took it to photograph her favourite darling on a nice weekend. She's not very pro at it yet but then again, it shoots so clearly. See my nice shots!

My forever cutie side profile.

Can you do this? If you can, I'll eat my hat.

Caught sprinting.

Yeah.. My mi mi eyes.

Me at the court near cheryl jie jie's house.

A scruchy of all things in a basketball court.

Went Sentosa this week. I hope Mummy will hurry upload them for me. =)


sadnil said...

hey cai cai. me just got your blog addy from your jie jie and have spent the past hour reading all your posts.
your jie jie loves you lots, i can tell. well it's no wonder since you're such a good boy.
do catch up with me and my poochies soon alrighty?
love, huiji jie jie

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