Friday, August 11, 2006

National Dog Walk 2006

See the large turn-out. Though it was a hot day, all the aunties and uncles are bringing all my friends out to play.

See more friend friends

I met another of my kind leh!

Prep before my walk. Will sure be a long one.

My friend Magic. He's a cutie isn't it. If he's a she, I would definitely go after her.

Xiao Hei from Woof Woof. He was abandoned but see him still enjoying outings with us.

Time for a group shot. Jie Jie's holding xiao hei cos he's really hard to handle.

There, the delicious cake only for dogs! That's our privilege though I saw some of them humans sneak a bite or two.

Dinner at Happy Daze. It's chicken stew they ordered, but I dun see anything stewy to it lor. It's so dry. Nevertheless, I still enjoy it.

1 comment:

Jay said...

Hi Cai, your colour more and more like mine!

I've met many silkies whose colour is not as silky blue. But yours and mine almost the same... :)