Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cai Cai Returns

Aiz.. My life's taken a turn recently. My territory has been invaded by an unwelcomed new comer!
So what that he is CUTE according to Auntie, I simply cannot stand my space being shared!

Daz, such a pain in the ass, has been humping and biting at my neck the entire time he is here. Mummy!!! Please rid him leh! Even Jie Jie is complaining.

Auntie is simply too bought over that she just keeps siding him and ignore cai cai most of the time. Hmpf! Cai cai is the cutest k! Now I get divided attention. Even mummy has to attend to Daz's inconsiderate whines in the middle of the night. WOOF! Cai is angry and jealous!

I shall go bark bark at H gor gor for that!