Thursday, May 25, 2006

The long affair

Everyday (since dunno when) without fail, jie jie is tormenting me. She's making me go through this torturous routine every evening.

Firstly, she would wheel out this huge table into the living room and drop me onto it. Then out appears a big bowl of ice water! Slurpz! Cai's favourite is iced-water lor.

But hell!!!!

Jie jie's not letting me have it at all! Instead, she uses a cloth soaked inside to wipe cai cai's paws! Sometimes it stings and sometimes the coldness really gets to me. I wonder why she's been at this for a week.

Then comes the part where she will apply some nice smelling cream on cai cai's paws. I feel so very much like licking them. But she's always scolding me when I do so. So I try to hide away to lick me paws.

Next will be the usual combing, teeth brushing, ear cleaning at times.. blah blah blah.
All these tasks just takes so much of my play and sleep time away lor. Cai Cai wants to go out more instead. But Jie Jie keep telling me cos of the rain and plus cai cai's injured paws, I cant go down to the grass. SIANZ 1/2

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cai in a Basket

One fine morning, auntie pushed this really funny looking blue box. And somehow, cai cai landed inside. Auntie says she's gonna push me to the market. I cant see lor...
Let me try sticking me head out.

Need alot of effort though

Tada. That shall do the trick! Ok auntie, I'm all set to go.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

CNY Recollections

Jie Jie's been wanting to help me post those picts we took at Sembawang Park and East Coast during the CNY period. Till now then she realised her promise to me. Slow Mo...

Of cos the star of the day is none other than me Cai Cai. Yupz... I was panting cos I had a great workout ma. I was still very furry tat time oh.
Look at the rest of my family members... They dun look like they are dressed up for such an occasion...

See how happy Cai Cai was! That's uncle running after me with my leash. Hehehehe... I'm faster.

Making a dash to Jie Jie aka Mummy when she signals to me. Kan Chiong to run to her k.

Uncle and small Jie Jie

Gor Gor and small Jie Jie

Auntie replenishing my water lost.

Cos we had a car that time, they brought another set of clothes and finally got into the right attire for the beach. Here we are resting. See my happy face! Jie Jie trying to give me ice!

Cos Cai Cai got soak in sea water, Jie Jie's cleaning me up!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bad Paw Day

Just the other day, jie jie caught cai cai licking my paw paw and she exclaimed and chided me.
See she purposely wrapped it up so that I can't lick it anymore!!!!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Jie jie took cai cai to the vet yesterday. A different one we usually go but cai is scared as usual. The nurses jie jies made me take my weight. Cai cai's now standing at 5.2 kg oh! =P
Jie jie very lor so... keep asking this asking that. She din see cai cai is already shaking with fear and still wanna continue staying for so long. And she allowed the doctor to bring me into the back room!!!! They molested me k and poke my asshole. No matter how cai cai tried to defend himself, cai cai still kena poked at. And they put a super big e-collar on me too!!! Cai is so terrified cos he hates that thing.

Vet gave jie jie so much things. My medicine, some notes and a whole to do list. No wonder jie jie looked so sad while we waited for a taxi. Cai also sian ma.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

For Mercy

This doggie is such a poor thing... *whine*
That idiot that did it to her, he deserve more than death! Humpf~~!
See her memorial service... >1500 people paying their last respect.. Too bad cai cai's in Singapore.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What a nag she is

Jie jie's such a nag. I was sleeping so well in bed. In fact I slept through the entire night without a stir and she has to keep waking me up at hourly intervals (for the first few hours) to make me drink water. Cai cai tired ma... and my tummy keep making funny noises... Jie jie just kept whispering to me and rubbed my tummy.
Then this morning, she insisted I wear this funny thing on my left paw paw. Its so itchy and I cant lick it lor!!!!! I secretly hid in one corner to pull it off and jie jie always manage to catch me at it and gave me that pouted face. Nevermind, I shall take it off once she leaves house. Woof!~~


Home is ever so welcoming. Cai cai misses his bed bed. The one that auntie painstakenly wash for me now and then cos its so heavy! Small jie jie captured my sian face on video just now when I came home not seeing Avril jie jie. I almost went bonkers seeing her come home. But, cai cai admit that I am too tired, so after that big hoo ha, I headed to my beloved bed and orh orh le.
And I hope my sai sai will not hurt as much as it did today le. Comes out in gushes... woof~!