Wednesday, May 17, 2006

CNY Recollections

Jie Jie's been wanting to help me post those picts we took at Sembawang Park and East Coast during the CNY period. Till now then she realised her promise to me. Slow Mo...

Of cos the star of the day is none other than me Cai Cai. Yupz... I was panting cos I had a great workout ma. I was still very furry tat time oh.
Look at the rest of my family members... They dun look like they are dressed up for such an occasion...

See how happy Cai Cai was! That's uncle running after me with my leash. Hehehehe... I'm faster.

Making a dash to Jie Jie aka Mummy when she signals to me. Kan Chiong to run to her k.

Uncle and small Jie Jie

Gor Gor and small Jie Jie

Auntie replenishing my water lost.

Cos we had a car that time, they brought another set of clothes and finally got into the right attire for the beach. Here we are resting. See my happy face! Jie Jie trying to give me ice!

Cos Cai Cai got soak in sea water, Jie Jie's cleaning me up!

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