Monday, November 13, 2006

Pet Movers & ALL

Cai finally visited Pet Movers! I saw the swimming drainage!!!! I must say I is a scardy cat.... I approach everything with my tail hung down. Am glad jie jie din decide to throw me into that pool. Would have wished that jie jie let me stay in the open field longer but she was much more busy giving away cai's kibbles to the next door neighbours.

Though Aunt Anita was a very nice lady, Cai must admit that cai got pretty annoyed that jie jie kept talking to her cos the rest were having fun still at the run. And boy did cai did voice it out vocally. With that killer look in her eyes, jie warned me that she will not take me there anymore should I behave in that not socially accepted behaviour. *whin... Cai is but a spoiled brat ma... I'm just behaving the way I'm supposed to be.

I hope the next time, jie jie will just let me go in the run while she help the neighbours if she likes. Cai is more than abled to take care of himself. But the rules in the run states that dog owners have to be there to supervise. Man... so many rules...

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