Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Jie jie mentioned to cai cai before that she wonders how cai's real parents are like. Sad to say.... Cai cai cannot recall how mama looks like le. She's worried that I'm a product of a puppy mill after reading horrid articles written on petshop puppies.

I remembered the time I was alone and afraid in that petshop. I saw mei mei got adopted by a middle age couple. I wonder how she's doing now cos according to jie jie that couple seemed to be buying her on impulse and not informed about taking care of one. In fact, jie jie's initial intention was to buy mei mei but that couple was one step ahead. I did not get to kiss mei mei, but am grateful that jie jie helped me stroke and hug, whispering to mei mei to be xing fu one last time before she left for a new life. After they left, jie jie started to decide if she should get cai cai. She has long saw cai cai's antics through that petshop window. Cai cai was a playful pup (still is now) that was practically chewing up the toys that were presented to him but when taken out for viewing, he gets into a shivering fit.

To jie jie, cai cai was then a ke lian orphan with no papa mama when he was alone in the small coop up pet shop cage. These days, jie jie will craddle me in her arms and tell cai how fortunate that she has me and that I'm is no longer an orphan cos I've got her as well. She will be my mama and I will never be alone again. Ow Jie jie...

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