Monday, February 02, 2009


Mummy woke up today exceptionally nice to Cai Cai.
She planted a real long kiss on my muzzle and started singing to Cai Cai.
"Happy Barkday to you, Happy Barkday to you, Happy Barkday to Cai Cai, Happy Barkday to you!"
Though I don't understand it, but it excites me whenever mummy claps her hands and sing. Gave her super slurps from my smelly molly mouth.

I am so happy cos mummy gave Cai Cai a red packet and a new big packet of Marukan all to myself. I'm so gonna hide that away from the itchy nose of Daz Daz. Don't quite appreciate the red packet though. I mean, what use can anything be if it isn't edible???

The annoying part is that I was forced to take pictures with Daz Daz before I could keep my gifts.

Checking out my gifts:
Mummy says I'm always camera ready!
I think I can be a 代言人!
Being forced to take pictures with Daz and he is more of a trouble than help. He keeps moving! Never take pictures before issit!
See la... Cannot sit still. Tried to put his big head into the camera. Wanna snatch my shot!
1 out of dunno how many spoiled shots. Waste my time.
Cannot tahan anymore... Mummy can I go?? Cai Cai quietly shifts away.....


Stephanie Goh - a small voice from a big girl said...

Happy Barkday Cai!

May your mummy buy more treats for you.. hehehe

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Jason said...

OMG!!!! I didnt schnauzer when smass so cute de ar! aiyooo~
hahahas~ my schnauzer dying anytime =( old le... 10yrs old le