Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My eyes have been irritating me alot these days. Mummy says there is alot of yellowish liquid build up around my eye. So sian... I cant open my eye properly even when mummy keeps trying to clean them off. Dunno why but I just had to keep tearing.... Mummy's fault...

Dr Kenneth Tong cut a hole in me days ago to remove my lump. Seriously speaking I totally hate that place. Now I'm getting 2 red patches near my incision cut that's making me so itchy and yet I cannot lick it.
Thank goodness mummy's at home with me today. She finally allowed me to be off my ecollar cos I was trying so hard to get it off myself. But I can't run away from her watchful eyes. She will hollow at me the moment I try to lick any parts.

Avril: Seriously I'm getting abit worried about that 2 patches cos they look like they are swelling. It's been there after his surgery and ointment given to be applied don't seem to help.

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DC said...

Speedy recovery!