Friday, April 21, 2006

It works!

Okay, my complain works! Jie Jie took me for my morning walk today. Kehehehehe....
It's great to have a medium to voice your displeasure!!!

Yipee ya ya yipee yipee ya
Yipee ya ya yipee yipee ya
Yipee ya ya yipee yipee ya
ya yipee yipee ya ya
Yipee yipee ya

She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes... WOOF WOOF~~!

Oppz... Got too carried away...
Anyway Jie Jie shared this piece of so called doggie horoscope with me.

Furkids borned in the Year of the Rooster (1993, 2005) <-------- ME Devoted beyond their capabilities, these dogs are deeply disappointed if they fail, so training should rely on positive reinforcement. (Yah I 吃软不吃硬)

They bond with one or two others, rather than a wide circle of friends. (Muahahahah so many friends for what? Just give me my bobo, fifi and happy can le)

They are usually right, always interesting, and very brave. (That's me! I jumped down the tall grooming table at the age of 3 months shocking everyone. U say brave anot la?)

They love starting controversies, and are reluctant to change their course of action. (I love to give jie jie a sense of emergency by popping stupid antics at times and confirm I is Stubborn)

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