Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jie Jie is lazy~~!

I wanna complain!!!

Jie Jie promised to take me out for my morning walks and she failed me today!!! I want my soccer court. *hops up and down the sofa chair

She scrambled out of bed this morn and started busying herself while I sat on her bed watching her mad frenzy. Gave her the most uber cutie pie expression and waited anticipatingly for my walk.

Who knows she finally came up to me and muttered "Sorry little dearie, Jie jie's late for work le, I'll make it up to you k. Be a good boy at home and dun make auntie angry" and smacked a long long kiss on my forehead before exiting the door in a flash.
WOOF! What's this!!! *whine...*

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