Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm making slow progresses

Elvis is doing great with the Bach Flower Remedy I heard. Crapz~~! On one hand, Jie jie seemed to be elated over the news but fretting over my progress now. Just that day, she gave me that "concerned" look and said "Cai cai ah.. Why are you still as naughty and aggressive ah. You are sure a stubborn one leh."

Hey! How silly can humans be *roll my eyes*. You expect that few drops of remedy to turn me into someone else??? Oh please... I've got character k. I admit that I enjoy behaving like a spoilt brat most of the times and take advantages of gor gor jie jies' weaknesses for my cute antics. I'm still afterall very affectionate to them what. WOOF! *Do a few quick turns*

Just that day, jie jie took off to buy another 2 more bottles of Bach for me!!!! She's sure one kiasu lady. So now, I am getting 4 drops altogether every morning and evening. I overheard her telling auntie that I'm taking Beech, Mimulus, Vine and Water Violet. Hm.. perhaps I should pretend to behave in case she starts getting more of such stuff for me.

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